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Healthy Habits for the Modern Human

At Right Fit, we believe that living a healthy lifestyle includes many different elements. We want to help you create the life you want and deserve. We believe in living a full, happy and healthy life through proper movement, nutrition and self care, stress reduction, sleep wellness and lifestyle management.

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Since 2008, Ashton, Founder of Right Fit, has worked on creating an environment where people felt welcome and ready to make change. Her vision was to help people create a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

The Foundations of Right Fit

The Lifestyle Approach

Our team of highly qualified Kinesiologists and trainers build strong bones, joints and bodies. We assess personal health needs, develop an action plan and provide directional support that helps people achieve peak physical performance in a safe and healthy way.

Movement Specialists

We’re big believers in our philosophy to Eat Right, Move Right, Feel Right. We provide nutritional guidance, functional training plans and mindfulness coaching to help empower clients to become the healthiest version of themselves in a way that fits with their lifestyle. When you become a member at Right Fit, we talk about all of these pillars, not just movement.

Community Engagement

Right Fit has operated as an independent lifestyle studio for over 10 years. Our vision has always been to create a culture that encourages community where people not only workout together, but also spend time together to promote a positive, healthy lifestyle. Through our decade of growth, we’ve never lost that vision and our connection to our clients.


Our 30 minute consultations are designed to determine if Right Fit is the best option for you. We will establish goals and learn about your injury and activity history. Set up a no charge consultation today to start the process of achieving all of you health and fitness goals.


Our 30 minute assessment is designed to help you determine your baseline for training (where you need to start). We will take you through a full body movement screen to expose your strengths and weaknesses. You will be given a home exercise plan immediately to get you started.


Our training programs are designed to improve your life through activity. Whether it be small group training, semi-private training, private training or manual therapy, we can guarantee you that we will work hard to deliver to you the services you need.

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