I have one month until I’m on a beach….I almost fell into the “I need to lose 10 pounds, eat this, not eat this,” bullshit trap of being scared to be on a beach in a bikini, with a bunch of total strangers, but then I stopped myself. The old me would do this, and likely gain 5 or 6 pounds before my holiday from trying to restrict myself so much and being obsessed about losing the weight before the trip. I am writing this blog so you don’t fall into this trap too, or again, or ever.

So many people do what I used to do- set myself up for failure.

Why don’t we book the damn trip and be excited that we are able to travel. That we have the opportunity to travel. That we are healthy, fit, and living a good life.  Regardless of your size, a trip is an opportunity to explore. To relax. To enjoy time with friends and family. Not to obsess over how you look in a swimsuit.

With this being said- we can’t control how we feel. And I want you to feel the best you can heading to your next beach vacation.

Here are my top 5 goals to feel healthy and  5 pieces of advice for your next trip:

Top 5 Goals

  1. Decrease your carbohydrate intake- limit things like bagels, muffins, pastries and bread, or cut them out completely.
  2. Increase water intake-  you should be drinking 6-8 cups of water anyway, trip or no trip. When it’s this cold I find it hard to get as much water in. I try to add lemon and lime to change it up. I know it’s fun to get drunk at 30,000 feet, but it’s also much easier to get dehydrated. Staying hydrated — especially on long-haul flights — makes it easier to get over jet lag too.
  3. Decrease sugar intake- watch for sugar in juice, sauces and the obvious things like cupcakes. If I’m eating sugar, I want it to be worth it with a delicious cupcake, I don’t want to get my sugar intake from juice.
  4. Increase veggies- I try to sneak veggies into every meal, spinach into my smoothies, bagged veggies throughout the day, and a salad with lunch or dinner always.
  5. Track your food. They say that people who do a food journal are 80% more likely to see results, simply because they are aware of what they’re eating on a day to day basis. Keeping a food journal will make you more mindful about what you do decide to eat because you have to write it down.

5 Pieces of Advice

  1. Find a swimsuit that fits you well and that you love, it’s worth the money.
  2. Don’t over pack. You won’t wear 7 pairs of shorts, and if you didn’t wear it last summer, you likely won’t wear it to the beach either.  I’ve worked hard at trying to pack much lighter, and it makes the laundry pile when you get home much easier too!
  3. Move. On the beach. In the water. Just move. You will feel better for it!
  4. Decide before you go what excursions you want to go on, and do some research. You can easily get sucked into every parasailing, scuba diving, dolphin swimming activity for just $99, but they add up, and they bother you until you say yes. Just say no, unless it’s something you have always wanted to do, or you don’t care about the money.
  5. Bring some snacks. The buffet get’s tiring after awhile, and if the food isn’t agreeing with you, it’s so nice to have some options. I take trail mix and protein bars on every trip!

Here’s to your ass in the water, and toes in the sand. Enjoy!


ps. don’t forget sunscreen- as a ginger, I always end up buying more, and its SO expensive.

Eat right. Move right. Feel right.