Our Team

Our Team

Rebecca Gould

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Office Manager

Rebecca is the smiling face ready to greet you every time you come into Right Fit. She is likely to be on the other end of your emails regarding billing, scheduling and other general inquiries. Rebecca keeps everyone organized and works very hard to ensure everyone is informed and happy.

Ashton Calnan

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Owner & Kinesiologist

Right Fit began because of Ashton’s passion for helping people change their lives through diet and exercise. Her passion is real, which is what motivates and supports all of those around her. She is exactly what Right Fit stands for, which is honesty, challenge & support.

Steph Corras

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Kinesiologist & Yoga Instructor

Stephanie is the positive and radiant energy at Right Fit. Her passion lies in helping our members lead physically active and balanced lifestyles. Stephanie’s experiences as a Yoga Instructor and in pre and postnatal training make her a valued addition to the Right Fit team.

Jade Stonehouse

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Jade has experience with a wide range of demographics, allowing her to develop effective treatment interventions through exercise prescription. Her passion is to keep her clients motivated and moving. Jade hopes to forge many meaningful relationships while here at the Right Fit.

Ali Dings

ali dings


Ali is the newest member of the Right Fit team. She has a passion for fitness/rehabilitation/exercise sciences, and is excited to use her knowledge and experiences to make a positive impact at Right Fit. Ali plans to expand her skill set by taking courses and certifications, to be able to help her clients reach their goals.

Tom Crowhurst


Personal Trainer

Tom has a passion for living fully and assisting others to do the same through achieving physical fitness goals and leading a healthy life. He is excited to help others unlock their potential, and enjoys creating an atmosphere that values fun, care and accountability. Tom is looking forward to working with local athletes to train with a purpose and helping them get to the next level of their game.

Jeff Peck

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Yoga Instructor

Jeff is our newest yoga teacher at Right Fit, and brings a different style to the Right Fit studio space. His classes tend to focus on the movements and specific poses of yoga, where every student is pushed to reach their potential. Jeff urges you to come out to his classes to experience his unique teaching style.

Lydia Siebenga

Lydia Siebenga

Yoga Instructor

Lydia’s goal as a yoga teacher is simply to teach you how to relax. Her classes are carefully designed to utilize the breath and movement together, maximizing the benefits of not only your practice and meditation, but life altogether.
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