SGT Class Descriptions

SGT Class Descriptions

Right Fit Small Group Training (RF SGT)

RF SGT is our most varied class, which focuses on whole body strength and stability training, as well as cardiovascular endurance. At RF SGT classes, we use  most of our exercise equipment including; dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, the TRX, the turf, the sled, the pull up rig, the rower, skipping ropes, the bike and much more!

Mens Strength

This Men’s only class focuses on strength training with an experienced coach to ensure proper lifting mechanics and techniques. The workouts are programmed for whole-body strength, and differ from the RF SGT, as the intensity is higher.

Core Restore

This small group class allows us to work with women at every stage of the core restore mission. Whether you’re 10 months or 30 years postpartum, we all have a pelvic floor that needs to function properly. These classes are designed to help you regain awareness of how to strengthen the pelvic floor as well as to teach you various breathing techniques to help with fluid dynamics of the body. *You must complete an individual assessment before joining or be sent by your physiotherapist or doctor*

Yoga Classes

Please Click Here to see a full description of all Yoga classes offered.

*Before attending class, a consultation (to discuss your goals), as well as an assessment (to determine your limitations and weaknesses) is required. All classes are limited to 8 participants*