Class Descriptions

Pure Strength 

Join us on Monday’s and Thursday’s for Pure Strength. This 45 minute class combines functional training and weight lifting. We slow things down, limit the amount of cardio, and work through complex movement patterns to help you build strength at any stage of your life. All classes are modified to fit within your level of fitness.


High intensity interval training is our functional training and cardio combination. We work through quicker circuits combining functional movement with cardio bursts to give you the ultimate workout. All classes are modified to fit your fitness level.

TCC- TRX, Core & Cardio

Using body weight resistance, the TRX allows you to increase your range of motion safely, while effectively working out. This suspension system can be made harder or easier depending on your level of fitness. Core and cardio are added throughout this workout to give you a full body workout.

Yoga & Mobility

Move. Stretch. Release.

Knowing your body is a science, one that combines your physical and mental being. Learn about your body mechanics, how to prevent aches & pains and improve your movement in our Yoga & Mobility class is key.

Our focus at Right Fit is function & mobility so we’ve introduced this class to take our clients back to the basics of functional movements to help improve your health, strength, balance and overall wellness. This 45 minute session focuses on soft tissue release, corrective exercises to counteract daily habits and movement therapy to help you become more aware of your body.

Men’s Only

This class combines strength, mobility and cardio to give you everything you need in 45 minutes. Looking for an intense workout to add to your regular routine? This might be just what you need.

These sessions can be combined with Small Group Training Packages to encourage a balanced fitness routine.