Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Eat right. Move right. Feel right.

Right Fit is a Personal Training studio that focuses on providing all aspects of health to ensure you are living your best possible life. We believe that the healthiest version of you will be independently active, understand how to fuel your body properly and know how and when to de-stress and be more mindful. Our Nutrition &Lifestyle Coaching covers all aspects of this with encouragement in functional training, nutrition coaching, self care and mindfulness.

We understand the health and fitness industry can be overwhelming, we’re here to help sort through it all, determine what works best for you and your body and keep you accountable to maximize results.

Nutrition doesn’t have an answer that is black & white, there are many variables and each and every person is different.  We are here to help guide you and help determine what works for you and your body, the easiest way to integrate it into your lifestyle and to educate you on why these choices are important for a healthy life.

We recommend setting up a 15 minute nutrition call with one of our health experts to help them prepare a plan for you and to ensure we are the Right Fit for your goals.  After that, sessions are offered online or in person on a weekly basis to help reach your goals.