Lifestyle Transformation 2017

It’s crazy how fast a year can go. How a year can change your entire life, can give you new life.

When I met Wendy, she was not too sure about this journey, not sure if cutting sugar from her coffee and working out twice a week was going to work.

I remember our first month of training very vividly- she honestly did everything I asked,

which at the time probably seemed like a lot, and seemed crazy to her. But slowly, all of these small, subtle changes began to work. She started to see progress.

Wendy slowly came back to life. She told me how unbalanced, uncoordinated, and out of shape she was. She told me she was fat. Not good enough for small group. She told me some days she didn’t think she was going to lose weight.

But, what Wendy didn’t do, was quit. Every time she walked into the gym with open ears, ready to work her ass off, even if she crumbled after. I taught her that balance and coordination are things you need to work on. You don’t just get to be balanced and coordinated, you need to be active and working on it. A runner doesn’t get to be a runner without running, does she?

Wendy’s journey is a great one. It was a hard one, but I guarantee you it was worth it.
She didn’t get a diet plan. She wasn’t told to come to the gym 5 days a week. She wasn’t told not to eat cupcakes.
She was told to live.
To be mindful.
To pick and choose what foods are worth it.
To not worry about the scale.
To get strong.
To focus on herself.
To have confidence.
To talk about herself respectfully.

Wendy is a perfect example of how you can change your lifestyle, your habits, your path, if you really want to. The cold hard truth is- there is no quick fix. There is no 30 day program. There is no pill, shake or miracle food that will get you healthy, and keep you healthy.

Wendy, I am incredibly proud of the woman you have become. The confidence you have, the burst of energy you bring when you walk in the door.

Thank you, for allowing us to bring you back to your true self. For trusting us. For listening to us, and for believing in yourself. Here’s to your new habits, and a fit, healthy YOU forever.



Wendy’s Perspective on Her Lifestyle Transformation…

A BMI story! (It’s long).

Almost a year ago, I had

a whimsical idea to lose 50 pounds in my 50th year. Today was my final weigh in for 2017…49.4 pounds!!!( I average 48 to 52 pounds lost any given week). When I started at Right Fit, the owner Kinesiologist/Trainer Ashton Calnan set up a training schedule for me and helped me with nutrition. I didn’t really think I would lose 50 pounds. As the months went on, I didn’t realize the emotion that I would attach to THAT #$%*&&= scale!!! At times I worked so hard, ate clean and I would lose 0.5 pounds.I would feel like I had faile

d. Ashton and fellow Kinesiologist trainer Stephanie Ann would ask me, ” BUT how do you feel??”. I felt great!!! My sugar addiction was gone.My weekly migraines were gone.The pain and numbness in my right leg was gone. My BP was better, resting heart rate dropped to 58, and the fatigue and shortness of breath I had (at simple activities) was gone. But THAT darn scale!!!!!

Ashton and Stephanie wou

ld tell me to not focus on the scale but on clean eating and getting strong. Getting strong?? At first I thought that was just something they said to overweight clients…like telling a not so pretty girl that she had a great personality😃😜. At one point they told me to toss my scale in the garbage.They understood my frustration about the number and my “slow” progress!

In September, I joined Sma

ll Group Training with Leroy Rollins. Within a few months, I noticed how much stronger I was getting.For the first time, I stopped looking at the pounds on the scale and noticed the increased pounds in my hands 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️. Leroy makes clients like me feel like they can do anything. I finally began to understand what Ashton and Stephanie had been teaching me for months!!! They are very patient 🤗😍.

So back to the BMI. I have lost 50 pounds and 50+ inches.But according to BMI charts, I am OBESE. Not a little obese, but 20+ pounds from even entering the category of “overweight” 😡. BMI looks at height and weight.That’s it.It doesn’t look at how fit I am. How strong I am. It doesn’t address my awesome eating habits😂. It’s one measure of assessment, that is it!!!!!But it’s what we all grew up with as the measure we base our health on 😞.Crazy eh??

I currently do personal train

ing 2x a week and attend Small Group Training 4 to 6 x a week. I eat a ~80/20 diet.I am getting stronger every day. I will likely NEVER be in the “normal” range for BMI. So shame on the BMI chart…because I am rocking this fitness thing ((I said it Ashton lol)).

I am forever grateful to Right Fit. I

never ever imagined how they would change my life or how much I would grow to adore those trainers and the Right Fit family!!It took me until age 50 to start to figure this all out. If you need some help, give them a call.

May 2018 be your best year!!!