I have one month until I’m on a beach….I almost fell into the “I need to lose 10 pounds, eat this, not eat this,” bullshit trap of being scared to be on a beach in a bikini, with a bunch of total strangers, but then I stopped myself. The old me would do this, and likely gain 5 or 6 pounds before my holiday from trying to restrict myself so much and being obsessed about losing the weight before the trip. I am writing this blog so you don’t fall into this trap too, or again, or ever.

So many people do what I used to do- set myself up for failure.

Why don’t we book the damn trip and be excited that we are able to travel. That we have the opportunity to travel. That we are healthy, fit, and living a good life.  Regardless of your size, a trip is an opportunity to explore. To relax. To enjoy time with friends and family. Not to obsess over how you look in a swimsuit.

With this being said- we can’t control how we feel. And I want you to feel the best you can heading to your next beach vacation.

Here are my top 5 goals to feel healthy and  5 pieces of advice for your next trip:

Top 5 Goals

  1. Decrease your carbohydrate intake- limit things like bagels, muffins, pastries and bread, or cut them out completely.
  2. Increase water intake-  you should be drinking 6-8 cups of water anyway, trip or no trip. When it’s this cold I find it hard to get as much water in. I try to add lemon and lime to change it up. I know it’s fun to get drunk at 30,000 feet, but it’s also much easier to get dehydrated. Staying hydrated — especially on long-haul flights — makes it easier to get over jet lag too.
  3. Decrease sugar intake- watch for sugar in juice, sauces and the obvious things like cupcakes. If I’m eating sugar, I want it to be worth it with a delicious cupcake, I don’t want to get my sugar intake from juice.
  4. Increase veggies- I try to sneak veggies into every meal, spinach into my smoothies, bagged veggies throughout the day, and a salad with lunch or dinner always.
  5. Track your food. They say that people who do a food journal are 80% more likely to see results, simply because they are aware of what they’re eating on a day to day basis. Keeping a food journal will make you more mindful about what you do decide to eat because you have to write it down.

5 Pieces of Advice

  1. Find a swimsuit that fits you well and that you love, it’s worth the money.
  2. Don’t over pack. You won’t wear 7 pairs of shorts, and if you didn’t wear it last summer, you likely won’t wear it to the beach either.  I’ve worked hard at trying to pack much lighter, and it makes the laundry pile when you get home much easier too!
  3. Move. On the beach. In the water. Just move. You will feel better for it!
  4. Decide before you go what excursions you want to go on, and do some research. You can easily get sucked into every parasailing, scuba diving, dolphin swimming activity for just $99, but they add up, and they bother you until you say yes. Just say no, unless it’s something you have always wanted to do, or you don’t care about the money.
  5. Bring some snacks. The buffet get’s tiring after awhile, and if the food isn’t agreeing with you, it’s so nice to have some options. I take trail mix and protein bars on every trip!

Here’s to your ass in the water, and toes in the sand. Enjoy!


ps. don’t forget sunscreen- as a ginger, I always end up buying more, and its SO expensive.

Eat right. Move right. Feel right.

Coffee – Who can drink it and who should avoid it?

Coffee is one of those things – you either love it or hate it. You know if you like the taste or not (or if it’s just a reason to drink sugar and cream). You know how it makes you feel (i.e. your gut, your mind, etc.).

Not to mention the crazy headlines that say coffee is great, and the next day you should avoid it!

There is actual science behind why different people react differently to it. It’s a matter of your genetics and how much coffee you’re used to drinking.

NOTE: Coffee does not equal caffeine. Coffee contains between 50-400 mg of caffeine/cup, averaging around 100 mg/cup. Coffee is one of the most popular ways to consume this stimulant. But… a cup of coffee contains a lot of things over and above the caffeine. Not just water, but antioxidants, and hundreds of other compounds. These are the reasons drinking a cup of coffee is not the same as taking a caffeine pill. And decaffeinated coffee has a lot less caffeine; but, it still contains some.

Let’s look at caffeine metabolism, its effects on the mind and body, and whether coffee drinkers have higher or lower risks of disease. Then I’ll give you some things to consider when deciding if coffee is for you or not.

Caffeine metabolism

Not all people metabolize caffeine at the same speed. How fast you metabolize caffeine will impact how you’re affected by the caffeine. In fact, caffeine metabolism can be up to 40x faster in some people than others.

About half of us are “slow” metabolizers of caffeine. We can get jitters, heart palpitations, and feel “wired” for up to 9 hours after having a coffee. The other half is “fast” metabolizers of caffeine. They get energy and increased alertness and are back to normal a few hours later.

This is part of the reason those headlines contradict each other so much – because we’re all different!

The effects of coffee (and caffeine) on the mind and body

NOTE: Most studies look at caffeinated coffee, not decaf.

The effects of coffee (and caffeine) on the mind and body also differ between people; this is partly from the metabolism I mentioned. But it also has to do with your body’s amazing ability to adapt (read: become more tolerant) to long-term caffeine use. Many people who start drinking coffee feel the effects a lot more than people who have coffee every day.

Here’s a list of these effects (that usually decrease with long-term use):

●     Stimulates the brain

●     Boosts metabolism

●     Boosts energy and exercise performance

●     Increases your stress hormone cortisol

●     Dehydrates

So, while some of these effects are good and some aren’t, you need to see how they affect you and decide if it’s worth it or not.

Coffee and health risks

There are a ton of studies on the health effects of coffee, and whether coffee drinkers are more or less likely to get certain conditions.

Here’s a quick summary of what coffee can lead to:

●     Caffeine addiction and withdrawal symptoms (e.g. a headache, fatigue, irritability)

●     Increased sleep disruption

●     Lower risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

●     Lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes

●     Lower risk of certain liver diseases

●     Lower risk of death (“all cause mortality”)

●     Mixed reviews on whether it lowers risks of cancer and heart disease

Many of the health benefits exist even for decaf coffee (except the caffeine addiction and sleep issues).

NOTE: What’s super-important to note here is that coffee intake is just one of many, many factors that can affect your risks for these diseases. Please never think regular coffee intake is the one thing that can help you overcome these risks. You are health-conscious and know that eating a nutrient-rich whole foods diet, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep and exercise are all critical things to consider for your disease risk. It’s not just about the coffee.

Should you drink coffee or not?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether you should drink coffee. No one food or drink will make or break your long-term health.

Caffeinated coffee is not recommended for:

●     People with arrhythmias (e.g. irregular heartbeat)

●     People who often feel anxious

●     People who have trouble sleeping

●     People who are pregnant

●     Children and

●      teens.

If none of these apply, then monitor how your body reacts when you have coffee. Does it:

●     Give you the jitters?

●     Increase anxious feelings?

●     Affect your sleep?

●     Give you heart palpitations?

●     Affect your digestion (e.g. heartburn, etc.)?

●     Give you a reason to drink a lot of sugar and cream?

Depending on how your body reacts, decide whether these reactions are worth it to you. If you’re not sure, I recommend eliminating it for a while and see the difference.



Eat right. Move right. Feel right.






Mindful Eating-Three Ways to Avoid Overeating

Sometimes those holiday feasts are just amazing.

And it’s not just the abundance of delicious food but also the people, the decorations, and the holiday feels.

It is way too easy (and common) to indulge on those days.

But it doesn’t always stop there.

Sometimes we overeat on regular days.  Or at regular meals.  Or all the time.

Here are three tips to avoid overeating at meals. Make these things habits and you won’t even need to think about it.

Tip #1: Start with some water

When your stomach is growling and you smell amazingly delicious food it’s too easy to fill a plate (or grab some samples with your bare hands) and dive into the food.

But did you know that it’s possible to sometimes confuse the feeling of thirst with that of hunger?  Your stomach may actually be craving a big glass of water rather than a food

Some studies have shown that drinking a glass or two of water before a meal can help reduce the amount of food eaten.  And this super-simple tip may even help with weight loss (…just sayin’).

Not only will the water start to fill up your stomach before you get to the buffet, leaving less room for the feast but drinking enough water has been shown to slightly increase your metabolism.


Tip #2: Try eating “mindfully”

You’ve heard of mindfulness but have you applied that to your eating habits?

This can totally help you avoid overeating as well as having the added bonus of helping your digestion.

Do this by taking smaller bites, eating more slowly, chewing more thoroughly, and savouring every mouthful.  Notice and appreciate the smell, taste and texture.  Breathe.

This can help prevent overeating because eating slower often means eating less.

When you eat quickly you can easily overeat because it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to know that your stomach is full.

So take your time, pay attention to your food and enjoy every bite.

Bonus points: Eat at a table (not in front of the screen), off of a small plate, and put your fork down between bites.

Tip #3: Start with the salad

You may be yearning for that rich, creamy main dish.

But don’t start there.

Veggies are a great way to start any meal because they’re full of not only vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and health-promoting phytochemicals but they also have some secret satiety weapons: fiber and water.

Fiber and water are known to help fill you up and make you feel fuller.  They’re “satiating”.

And these secret weapons are great to have on your side when you’re about to indulge in a large meal.

In summary- Drink your glass of water, eat mindfully, and start with your salad to help avoid overeating at meals.

Happy. Healthy. Habits.






Lifestyle Transformation 2017

It’s crazy how fast a year can go. How a year can change your entire life, can give you new life.

When I met Wendy, she was not too sure about this journey, not sure if cutting sugar from her coffee and working out twice a week was going to work.

   I remember our first month of training very vividly- she honestly did everything I asked, which at the time probably seemed like a lot, and seemed crazy to her. But slowly, all of these small, subtle changes began to work. She started to see progress.

Wendy slowly came back to life. She told me how unbalanced, uncoordinated, and out of shape she was. She told me she was fat. Not good enough for small group. She told me some days she didn’t think she was going to lose weight.

But, what Wendy didn’t do, was quit. Every time she walked into the gym with open ears, ready to work her ass off, even if she crumbled after. I taught her that balance and coordination are things you need to work on. You don’t just get to be balanced and coordinated, you need to be active and working on it. A runner doesn’t get to be a runner without running, does she?

Wendy’s journey is a great one. It was a hard one, but I guarantee you it was worth it.
She didn’t get a diet plan. She wasn’t told to come to the gym 5 days a week. She wasn’t told not to eat cupcakes.
She was told to live.
To be mindful.
To pick and choose what foods are worth it.
To not worry about the scale.
To get strong.
To focus on herself.
To have confidence.
To talk about herself respectfully.

Wendy is a perfect example of how you can change your lifestyle, your habits, your path, if you really want to. The cold hard truth is- there is no quick fix. There is no 30 day program. There is no pill, shake or miracle food that will get you healthy, and keep you healthy.

Wendy, I am incredibly proud of the woman you have become. The confidence you have, the burst of energy you bring when you walk in the door.

Thank you, for allowing us to bring you back to your true self. For trusting us. For listening to us, and for believing in yourself. Here’s to your new habits, and a fit, healthy YOU forever.


Wendy’s Perspective on Her Lifestyle Transformation…

A BMI story! (It’s long).

Almost a year ago, I had a whimsical idea to lose 50 pounds in my 50th year. Today was my final weigh in for 2017…49.4 pounds!!!( I average 48 to 52 pounds lost any given week). When I started at Right Fit, the owner Kinesiologist/Trainer Ashton Calnan set up a training schedule for me and helped me with nutrition. I didn’t really think I would lose 50 pounds. As the months went on, I didn’t realize the emotion that I would attach to THAT #$%*&&= scale!!! At times I worked so hard, ate clean and I would lose 0.5 pounds.I would feel like I had failed. Ashton and fellow Kinesiologist trainer Stephanie Ann would ask me, ” BUT how do you feel??”. I felt great!!! My sugar addiction was gone.My weekly migraines were gone.The pain and numbness in my right leg was gone. My BP was better, resting heart rate dropped to 58, and the fatigue and shortness of breath I had (at simple activities) was gone. But THAT darn scale!!!!!

Ashton and Stephanie would tell me to not focus on the scale but on clean eating and getting strong. Getting strong?? At first I thought that was just something they said to overweight clients…like telling a not so pretty girl that she had a great personality😃😜. At one point they told me to toss my scale in the garbage.They understood my frustration about the number and my “slow” progress!

In September, I joined Small Group Training with Leroy Rollins. Within a few months, I noticed how much stronger I was getting.For the first time, I stopped looking at the pounds on the scale and noticed the increased pounds in my hands 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️. Leroy makes clients like me feel like they can do anything. I finally began to understand what Ashton and Stephanie had been teaching me for months!!! They are very patient 🤗😍.

So back to the BMI. I have lost 50 pounds and 50+ inches.But according to BMI charts, I am OBESE. Not a little obese, but 20+ pounds from even entering the category of “overweight” 😡. BMI looks at height and weight.That’s it.It doesn’t look at how fit I am. How strong I am. It doesn’t address my awesome eating habits😂. It’s one measure of assessment, that is it!!!!!But it’s what we all grew up with as the measure we base our health on 😞.Crazy eh??

I currently do personal training 2x a week and attend Small Group Training 4 to 6 x a week. I eat a ~80/20 diet.I am getting stronger every day. I will likely NEVER be in the “normal” range for BMI. So shame on the BMI chart…because I am rocking this fitness thing ((I said it Ashton lol)).

I am forever grateful to Right Fit. I never ever imagined how they would change my life or how much I would grow to adore those trainers and the Right Fit family!!It took me until age 50 to start to figure this all out. If you need some help, give them a call.

May 2018 be your best year!!!

Our Year in Review!

Our year in review….

As 2017 comes to an end, we all begin to reflect on what we did right, what we did wrong, what could have gone better, and hopefully what was great.

With a New Year, often there is a sense of new beginnings, a restart for many. For a lot of people, the beginning of a new year is a time to set goals, whether it is financial, fitness and health, family, or career goals.


I think often what we forget to do is look at where we came from, reflect on how we changed this year and what we accomplished. Often our resolutions get forgotten about. We can set our goals and desires as many times as we want, but if we aren’t taking the time to measure where we’re at, we might not ever get anywhere.

At Right Fit, we took some time to reflect on what 2017 brought us.

  • First of all, we started the year with one personal training studio in Belleville, and one in Tweed. We sold our gym space in Tweed, and in September 2017, we opened our second location in Belleville to accommodate our amazing active clients. 
  • We re energized and re branded. We went from “The” Right Fit, with our old logo, to Right Fit, and refreshed everything from our clothing to our signage.
  • We launched our new Right Fit website to make it more user friendly and to align to our fresh new branding.
  • We practically doubled our personal training and small group training clientele in 2017.
  • We ran our first annual charity volleyball tournament in support of the Make a Wish Foundation.
  • We partnered with No Limits, a not-for-profit organization in Belleville that provides fitness opportunities for everyone by sponsoring their sports teams and events.
  • We hired three new personal trainers, an amazing addition to our growing team of movement specialists.
  • We hosted our open house to show off our new personal training studio at 300 Maitland drive, which was a huge success.

What are some of our goals for 2018?

  • Continue to work on providing an exceptional service for our amazing personal training and small group training clients.
  • Begin our Right Fit Big Build- where we can have everything in one location. Coffee, smoothies, proper change rooms and an exceptional lifestyle studio and workout space.
  • Increase our fitness programs for youth, that allow them to begin working out with their families and other kids their age to properly develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • Offer healthy living seminars on a regular basis.
  • Reformat our small group training to allow for more specific sessions that include beginners fitness classes, power lifting, flexibility and mobility, strength training, active aging programs, specialty yoga and much more.
  • Increase our online presence to allow us to capture a bigger audience, having a bigger impact on the health and well being of those in Belleville and the surrounding area.
  • Continue to create a community of people who have a desire to build healthy habits, learn about balanced nutrition and create a healthy lifestyle they love.

What do we want you to do?

Take some time to reflect on 2017,  and set your intentions for 2018. Take time for mindfulness and to reflect on who you want to be, where you want to go and when you want to get there. Take time to commit your 2018 goals to paper. The road to achieving them may seem daunting but your team at Right Fit are here to help.

Cheers, to your resolutions, goal-setting, and intentions for the new year!


Eat Right. Move Right. Feel Right.

Start now.

4 Week Starter Plan

Week 1:
Drink 2 bottles of water every day.
Drink 1 small glass of lemon with water every morning.

Week 2:
Move, every day. Start with 5 minutes.
Stretch, every day. Start with reaching for your toes and reaching for the sky.

Week 3: 
Track your food. Write down everything and try to get a picture of what you’re eating, when and why. Trust me, it will help.

Week 4:
Try to establish a regular fitness routine. Grab a friend, make a plan, and try to have a structured routine at least 2 days per week. Yoga, strength training, cardio, any movement is good movement.

Start with these small steps to kick start your weight loss journey!

Turning Point

Health & Fitness. What does it mean to you?  That’s the question I stopped and asked myself just over a year ago that changed my life. I think everyone has a moment in their lives that I refer to as a “turning point’. A moment when something so big happens, you stop and reflect about your life and whether or not you’re truly happy and proud of yours. This moment is crucial, a part of ones journey that truly defines what type of person you are; not who you’ve been but who you will be. I’m hoping that by sharing my story it will allow at least one other person to see that life is what you make of it. That no matter what hand of cards you’re dealt it’s up to you to play them right or at least deal with it in a way you’re proud of if you play them wrong.

January 18th, 2016 changed my life. I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and as I sat in the hospital feeling everything spinning out of control around me I felt an odd sense of calmness. The look of shock and sadness on my parents face, my fiancé of a month, and the doctors made me realize I wasn’t the only one not expecting to hear this news. The word Cancer is such a scary thing and immediately people panic. I’ll admit I was fairly naïve to what my condition was but the doctors seemed confident that we caught it at a good stage and they were hoping to be able to control it so I could live a completely normal life.

The next few months are a blur of doctor’s appointments and tough conversations but every thing was headed in the right direction. I became stable, we found medication that worked for me and I was able to live a normal life other than having to take a pill every morning and night. (To put it simply.) I came to realize that things were going to be good, not ok but good. I was in control of that. The last few months hadn’t been in my control and I realized I needed to focus on what was. The biggest change that happened for myself was mentally. I spent a lot of time journaling, self-reflecting, meditating and focusing on staying positive. I wanted to be happy, I wanted to be proud of myself, I wanted to enjoy my life.

By the middle of May 2016, I decided to change careers so I could travel less and have more freedom and flexibility. I surrounded myself with friends and family that truly cared and I committed to doing things I enjoyed and made me feel accomplished. There were 2 things that helped me get to this point;

#1. Journaling- It helped me become more mindful and accountable for my thoughts.

#2. Physical Activity- Prior to me being diagnosed, I was always exhausted, had low energy and low motivation because of that. For the first time in a long time, I was inspired and had the energy for my body to keep up with my mind.

My new job was at The Right Fit, a gym, so naturally people assumed I would become more fit being in that environment. What people didn’t realize was that a year ago if I had of started that job I don’t think much would have changed in my lifestyle. It’s not a priority to participate in the fitness classes or to eat healthy; these were decisions I made when I realized I had control over them. My goal wasn’t to lose weight, it was to become healthier, and be able to consider myself fit. Before I started the job I made changes to my diet, trying to eat more natural and less processed foods. I began running again, which I hadn’t done in 3 years! I forgot, I simply forgot how exercise impacts you mentally. It just made me happy. Knowing I had accomplished something extra in my day, it helped me make better decisions with what I ate, and it gave me more energy to accomplish what else I had planned in my day. It took a bit, it wasn’t easy and I had days that I did not want to do it but when it was done, I knew it was worth it.

To the average person looking at me you’d think I was healthy and fit, but I was so out of shape that running for 10 minutes was hard. Growing up I had been an athlete all through high school, I had trained and ran a half marathon after College, I definitely was not intimidated to be active but I had let it not be my norm. It’s so easy to not exercise, to eat what’s easy to cook and I get that. With everything that changed in my life for the last few months though I realized I’m better than that, I’m tougher than that and I deserve more than what I’d been giving myself. So as I slowly progressed and was able to run for 15, 20, 30 minutes I joined the Small Group Training at the gym and spent time in the kitchen trying recipes with foods I had no idea about but knew they were healthy options. It was all trial and error, it was all slow progress but every little piece of progress made me smile and be proud of what I had achieved. And THAT is what drove me. THAT is what made me realize I’m competitive, not with everyone else that was training beside me or posting pictures of delicious healthy recipes but with myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do better, that I can always push myself a little harder and when I realized that I was making myself happier by pushing myself everything changed for the better.

Many people walk through the door at The Right Fit to change their lives, to become better people. I might not be a trainer that will help you get to those goals, I’m the face you will see when you walk in the door and charge your card for paying someone to kick your butt. But I want to put it out there that I get it. Everyone has a story, everyone has challenges and I believe that every person that walks through that door can make theirs better. I hope that my story can help people find their motivation, make them realize their worth and I will be beside you in that gym sweating and progressing with you as we all work to become better people.

-Kelly Robertson

How to lose weight fast, forever and easily.

This is the shortest, simplest blog you will ever read. 

  1. Stop eating shit.
  2. Move more.
  3. Be mindful.
  4. Stop eating shit.
  5. Stop making excuses.

It’s not rocket science. Stop making it rocket science. Stop believing every thing you see. The next fad diet that you see might work for you or it might not. Simplicity is key when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. The media and those that are money hungry in this industry need to stop making this so complicated.

What do we teach? Move well, eat well, be well. 

Fueling your body with processed and unhealthy foods can be the biggest culprit of weight gain or the inability to lose weight. Not moving and not moving well with good function can be the biggest culprit of chronic pain, fatigue, and the inability to get out of a chair.

This is our focus at The Right Fit, to help educate you and make small, incremental changes to improve your lifestyle in a way that you can maintain. If you’re sick of feeling frustrated, quit making excuses, know when to reach out and let’s figure this out together.

Eat to fuel your body. Move to be free.


Lianne’s Testimonial

Another amazing testimonial from one of our clients that warms our heart in this cold weather and reminds us why we do what we do at The Right Fit! 

I was at a point in my life where one day I stepped on the scales and I could not believe my eyes. I knew that my weight was out of control, but I didn’t realize how out of control it truly was until that moment.

It wasn’t a “want” to get fit it was a “need” to get fit. I needed to get fit and knowing from my past attempts of trying to get fit on my own it was time to turn myself over to professionals to help guide me.

As I searched the internet for a studio to join, I was drawn to The Right Fit. I was looking for 2 things, people who had the proper degree and/or diploma and people who were personable. For me, having both was key.

The Right Fit was just that. Their education and bio’s are what got me in the door, who they are have kept me there.

When I first went to The Right Fit I had many questions for Ashton. Ashton helped me with the first leg of my journey and then was able to set me up with Kate. Kate motivates me and she makes me accountable. I put in the hard work but it is because of Kate’s help that I am able to do so.

I know that losing weight is what I need to do to get healthy. I have a long road ahead of me still but The Right Fit has been my saving grace. My journey has just begun. I have already lost 25 lbs and am doing things that I once thought were not possible. I am excited to keep going. I am excited to see where I will go from here.
I know that I can do this, I am very glad to have Kate alongside me to help me with my journey.

Thank you,

Lianne L.

Words of Praise

We wanted to share with everyone this testimonial from one of our clients who took the time to be completely honest and open about her experience with us here at The Right Fit. It’s moments like this that encourage us to slow down and really remember why we truly love what we do. Knowing how much we can impact ones life and being there to support others through the difficult journey of life and encouraging others to live it the healthiest and happiest is what keeps us going day in and day out. So please, take a moment and read this testimonial and hopefully it will encourage just one more person to make positive changes in their life as well.


My relationship with food and exercise has always been complicated. It’s been one of my most painful struggles because it has also been my most visible. It’s been a struggle that I’ve lost more times than I’ve won and because of that I decided a couple of years ago that it was one that I needed to accept I would never win. After two decades of failing, I had no hope that I could succeed at making the kind of lifestyle changes and mental shifts that I needed to make in order to be physically healthy. If the definition of crazy, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result then I decided that I would be completely insane to think that trying again would work. So I attempted to accept my limitations and focus on the things in my life that were positive instead.

 I sat in this space for well over a year and in this year I struggled with the tension between surrendering to what is and persevering toward what one wants. These seemingly polar opposite needs battled within me while I tried to make peace with what I could not change despite my best intentions. Yet I could not do it. I could not make peace with how poorly I felt both physically and mentally. I could not make peace with the fact that my habits were shortening the only life that I have as well as the life of the mother that my two young children need. After trying to make peace with it for some time, I found myself feeling the need to try again but without the hope that I could be successful.

I called Ashton in May of this year and booked an initial consult with her. She had come highly recommended to me from a dear friend and while I was not overly hopeful, I was fairly desperate so I gave it a try. I was pretty honest at my initial consult with Ashton. I did not sugar coat my struggle or my lack of hope that this attempt would be any different. I did not sugar coat how poorly I was eating, how poorly I was feeling, or how many failed attempts I had accumulated in the last two decades of my life. Ashton was incredibly kind, incredibly non-judgmental, and incredibly committed to helping me. At one point she had tears in her eyes and she laughed at herself and said that she wanted this for me so much and I know it was because on a deeper level she sensed the struggle and shame this has been for me. In that moment I felt really touched that she would care that much about me as a person and I also felt, for the first time ever, that I was not alone in this process. And so I moved forward with her.


I moved forward in a very overweight and out of shape body. I had two half hour personal training sessions a week with Ashton for the first three months. She did strength training with me and nutritional counseling. I felt awkward and self-conscious and very out of my comfort zone with the strength training. My balance was horrendous and my strength was non-existent. It was difficult to move with so much excess weight and I often felt like a failure when I could not do the exercises very well. Ashton was so patient, she was so reassuring, and she kept reminding me to look at the big picture and keep moving forward with her. I didn’t want to if I am being completely truthful. I hated every single second of those half hour personal training sessions for the first couple of months. But I trusted her. So I kept coming. We planned out an exercise schedule that would be realistic for me and that I could be consistent with. We did the same with my eating. We talked through how to stay on track during vacations or social events. And we talked about the messages I give myself and how these, more than probably anything else, are going to determine whether or not I am successful at this. We did not choose a goal weight but rather focused on building new mental processes, eating habits, and exercise routines into my life. There were many times when I felt as though the road was too long and I wanted to give up. Ashton continued to remind me that we were aiming for big picture change – building a way of living and thinking that would remain with me for the rest of my life, that this was not about a short term success but rather a long term transformation.

After three months, I tentatively decided to move from the safety of my one on one personal training sessions with Ashton to the small group training with Leroy and Kate. I have found them both to be incredibly patient and motivating and have come to really enjoy the small group classes. In the almost 6 months since I have been coming to The Right Fit, I have lost over 60 lbs and felt myself getting stronger. More importantly, I have begun to change some of the thought processes that often served to sabotage my success in the past.

Yes, I am the one who is getting up at 5:30am and working out each morning. And, yes, I am the one who is making the right food choices. And, yes, I am the one who is challenging old thought processes and habitual patterns. But I am not doing it alone this time. And slowly (very slowly!) I am embracing the possibility that maybe, just maybe, I got this after all 🙂