Coffee – Who can drink it and who should avoid it?

Coffee is one of those things – you either love it or hate it. You know if you like the taste or not (or if it’s just a reason to drink sugar and cream). You know how it makes you feel (i.e. your gut, your mind, etc.).

Not to mention the crazy headlines that say coffee is great, and the next day you should avoid it!

There is actual science behind why different people react differently to it. It’s a matter of your genetics and how much coffee you’re used to drinking.

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Our Year in Review!

Our year in review….

As 2017 comes to an end, we all begin to reflect on what we did right, what we did wrong, what could have gone better, and hopefully what was great.

With a New Year, often there is a sense of new beginnings, a restart for many. For a lot of people, the beginning of a new year is a time to set goals, whether it is financial, fitness and health, family, or career goals. Continue reading “Our Year in Review!”

Turning Point

Health & Fitness. What does it mean to you?  That’s the question I stopped and asked myself just over a year ago that changed my life. I think everyone has a moment in their lives that I refer to as a “turning point’. A moment when something so big happens, you stop and reflect about your life and whether or not you’re truly happy and proud of yours. This moment is crucial, a part of ones journey that truly defines what type of person you are; not who you’ve been but who you will be. I’m hoping that by sharing my story it will allow at least one other person to see that life is what you make of it. That no matter what hand of cards you’re dealt it’s up to you to play them right or at least deal with it in a way you’re proud of if you play them wrong.

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How to lose weight fast, forever and easily.

This is the shortest, simplest blog you will ever read. 

  1. Stop eating shit.
  2. Move more.
  3. Be mindful.
  4. Stop eating shit.
  5. Stop making excuses.

It’s not rocket science. Stop making it rocket science. Stop believing every thing you see. The next fad diet that you see might work for you or it might not. Simplicity is key when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. The media and those that are money hungry in this industry need to stop making this so complicated.

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Lianne’s Testimonial

Another amazing testimonial from one of our clients that warms our heart in this cold weather and reminds us why we do what we do at The Right Fit! 

I was at a point in my life where one day I stepped on the scales and I could not believe my eyes. I knew that my weight was out of control, but I didn’t realize how out of control it truly was until that moment.

It wasn’t a “want” to get fit it was a “need” to get fit. I needed to get fit and knowing from my past attempts of trying to get fit on my own it was time to turn myself over to professionals to help guide me.

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Words of Praise

We wanted to share with everyone this testimonial from one of our clients who took the time to be completely honest and open about her experience with us here at The Right Fit. It’s moments like this that encourage us to slow down and really remember why we truly love what we do. Knowing how much we can impact ones life and being there to support others through the difficult journey of life and encouraging others to live it the healthiest and happiest is what keeps us going day in and day out. So please, take a moment and read this testimonial and hopefully it will encourage just one more person to make positive changes in their life as well.

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5 Fitness Myths Debunked

5 Fitness Myths Debunked

 The fitness community is a funny one. Everybody has different goals and everybody seems to have the best plans in how to get there. Many claim to have special “programs” or “plans” that will get you the results you’ve been after for the last 5 years. Many so-called EXPERTS spit out all kinds of information that all seem to contradict what you read last week.

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