Bellies & Beyond Pre/Postnatal

Prepare. Recover. Restore.

Before, During and After Pregnancy.

At Right Fit, we have Bellies Inc. training specialists, trained in core and pelvic health to help you learn to resolve and improve your core function and overall confidence in your body.
Join our experts weekly to retrain your core through proper techniques that can be applied before, during and after your pregnancy.

Prenatal Strength & Mobility

Stay active during pregnancy.  Did you know that the physical activity guidelines during pregnancy suggest expecting mothers accumulate 150 minutes of moderate physical activity,  including strength and flexibility.   Our prenatal strength and mobility offers a healthy balance of both.  Every day is different when expecting, adjust the class to suit your needs.

Bellies & Yoga

Utilize breathing techniques, increase strength and relieve tension through yoga postures that relax the mind. Step on your mat and create a space where you can connect and celebrate the life you are creating.  Utilizing traditional yoga postures and fundamentals of Core Confidence, learn how to find your inner strength and power as you transition through your pregnancy journey.  Suitable for all stages of your pregnancy.

Babies & Barbells Level 1 & 2

Wall Sit. Bear Crawl. Monster Walk.

It’s all about progression. Your life drastically changes when you have little ones and we get that. Making yourself a priority can easily fall to the bottom of your list. We want to make it easy for you to still have some me time so we’ve dedicated our space to be a baby friendly zone an hour a week. Bring your little one, we will watch them while you focus on you. Classes are a circuit style workout that mixes cardio & strength with post-natal training. Just remember, having a baby is your reason to improve yourself not an excuse. You will be advised on level 1 or level 2 after your assessment.


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Core Assessment

This one on one assessment of your core and pelvic floor muscles will be a guideline you use for all movement. We encourage new moms, or moms who didn’t retrain their core properly to do an assessment. We will assess for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and help you build awareness on how to properly engage and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Remember, you shouldn’t pee when you run, jump or sneeze 🙂

Core Restore

This small group class allows us to work with women at every stage of the core restore mission. Whether you’re 10 months or 30 years postpartum, we all have a pelvic floor that needs to function properly. These classes are designed to help you regain awareness of how to strengthen the pelvic floor, proper breathing patterns, and help with building awareness on how to continually engage and strengthen the pelvic floor throughout all exercise programs.  You must complete an individual assessment before joining or be sent by your physiotherapist or doctor.

*Please note:  If you’re pregnant, we require a doctors note for participation. Download this form for your doctor or midwife to complete before you begin. If postpartum, book your consultation with us once you have been cleared by your health care practitioner.