Personal Training

One on One Personal Training

This is as real as it gets.

Real honest.

Real sweaty.

Real personal.

At Right Fit, Private Training starts with a thorough Consultation where we want to learn all about you, your history and your goals. From there, a movement assessment is completed by your trainer so that they can ensure your sessions will be catered to your exact needs. Each session is designed for you to meet your goals &  your progress is recorded so that your progress is tracked and available for you to see just how far you have come. Nutrition and lifestyle coaching is part of every personal training package at Right Fit. We believe that a healthy lifestyle can only be achieved when movement, nutrition, sleep and stress are all addressed.

Semi Private Training

Looking for the experience of a Private Session but want to share the experience with a friend or two?

Let’s have fun.

Let’s get sweaty.

Let’s get results.

Semi Private Training can be you and a buddy but the more friends you add, the cheaper it gets! It’s a way for you to make private training more affordable but still gain the personalized training you want. All you need to ensure is that your schedules work together, the trainer will accommodate the workout to each participant’s level of fitness to ensure personal goals are met.