Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Looking for that perfect mix?
We’ll keep you accountable.
We’ll keep you challenged.
We’ll keep you coming back.

Small group training was developed because we care about functional training and our clients well being. We wanted to offer a service that was more affordable and more flexible for scheduling but would still challenge our clients and provide more than just a 45 minute fitness class. Sessions are limited to a 6 member maximum so that the trainer can focus on form and provide feedback so you can continuously  learn. Sessions begin with a dynamic warm up, followed by a circuit that mixes strength, mobility and cardio. Each workout is different, every move can be adapted for various fitness levels or injuries and the trainer will be by your side to ensure maximum results are achieved.

Why Small Group Training?
– affordable
– accountability
– results
– flexible scheduling
-balanced workout routine (You can utilize Small Group Training, Yoga, Flexibility & Mobility all with your Small Group Training packages!)
– varied for every fitness level
– thorough assessment to go over goals and a full health history
-modifications made for each client to individualize the workouts


How can you get started?

1.Start with a complimentary consultation with a trainer to review goals, health history, weigh in, get measurements and review your nutrition. Receive 1 free week of sessions to ensure it works for your goals and lifestyle.

2. Select your program.

  • 1 session a week for
  • 2 sessions a week
  • Unlimited sessions

(Sessions are sold in monthly packages.)

3. Create your schedule. Utilize the Mindbody App where you can schedule yourself whenever is convenient for you. (Simply download the Mobile Mindbody App or go to to create an account. Once you have an account you can locate The Right Fit and schedule/cancel or purchase classes.)

4. Receive weekly nutrition follow up and monthly weigh ins, measurements and goal assessments.


Lunch Blast

Beat the clock.
Build strength.
Blast through cardio.

We get it can be hard to squeeze your workouts into your busy schedule. Join us on your lunch hour for a quick circuit that focuses on bursts of cardio mixed with strength building exercises that allows you avoid that mid-day slump at the office!

These classes can be utilized within Small Group packages to ensure flexible scheduling.


Flexibility & Mobility


Knowing your body is a science, one that combines your physical and mental being. Learn about your body mechanics, how to prevent aches & pains and improve your movement in our Flexibility & Mobility class.

Our focus at The Right Fit is function & mobility so we’ve introduce our Flexibility & Mobility class to take our clients back to the basics of functional movements to help improve your health, strength, balance and overall wellness. This 45 minute session focuses on soft tissue release, corrective exercises to counteract daily habits and movement therapy to help you become more aware of your body.

These sessions can be combined with Small Group Training Packages to encourage a balanced fitness routine.


Foundational Yoga

When you hear yoga what are your initial thoughts? What would be your goals to gain from yoga?

If it’s improved flexibility, mobility, strength, balance, and a clearer & more relaxed mind than this class is for you. We are not a Yoga studio but we understand the importance of balance in one’s life and fitness routine and that is why we encourage this practice.

Our classes are dynamic, you think you won’t sweat? You will.

You think you won’t be able to let your mind “release”? You will.

You think you won’t notice a difference? You will.

It’s a practice, one that takes time but if you commit, your body & mind will surpass your expectations and that is the point of yoga.

Learn to quiet your mind.
Learn to listen to your body.
Learn to find balance.

Our Foundational Yoga class focuses on providing guidance on foundational poses & form, unifying your breathing & movement, and building your balance, strength both physically and mentally. Perfect for beginner/intermediate yogi’s! 


Are you looking to build strength and to challenge yourself on a whole new level?
Lift heavier.
Build confidence.
Challenge yourself.

Build strength and confidence in our Powerlifting class with Leroy Rollins. This class will build your overall strength and challenge your body in a whole new way while ensuring proper form and techniques are applied. Classes are limited to 6 people to ensure adequate assistance throughout the session.


Young Guns 

Looking to beat the competition?

Are you a growing athlete looking to blow your competition away? Compliment your sport specific training with our Youth Conditioning class that is geared to young athletes. Focusing on functional training through agility, coordination, balance, speed, strength, mobility and flexibility.
Ages 8-14


TRX & Cardio

Tighten & Tone.
Lengthen & Strengthen.
Conditioning & Stabilization.

Ditch the weights and machines and learn to challenge yourself using your bodyweight, gravity and resistance. With TRX training your body learns to stabilize and activate muscles in order to properly engage the targeted areas you are focusing on. Our TRX workouts are a 45 minutes circuit style workout that mixes cardio to challenge your core, breathing, and overall strength.


Men’s Strength

Increase Strength.
Build Power.
Improve Flexibility.

Make yourself a priority and escape your life’s stresses with our Men’s Strength classes. Focus on lifting heavier with proper form and increasing overall power and agility. Each session wraps up with mobility moves to release stress and tension that can build up through your work day.