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Fueling your body is important and we understand how busy and hectic life can be so that is why we’ve introduced The Refuel Zone!
Eating healthy will impact how you feel physically and contributes more to weight loss than people realize. We want to support our clients by making it easier to have healthy options available.

Pre-Order our Refuel Zone Package weekly to utilize as healthy snacks or to start your day off on the right track!

5 Smoothies & 5 Protein Ball Packages for $35

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It’s that simple!

Protein Balls are available as a pre or post workout snack at the gym for $4/pkg.

Chocolate Peanut Buster Balls

Natural peanut butter, maple syrup, water, vanilla, almond flour, cocoa powder, crushed pecans or walnuts

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bites

Oats, natural peanut butter, organic honey, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, raisins

Lemon Coconut Bliss Bites


Lemon juice &  zest, shredded coconut, coconut oil, whey protein powder, vanilla extract, quinoa flour

*Nutrition Index Available in Gym