What is Small Group Training?

What is Small Group Training?

Our SGT program has been designed to give you the benefit of one on one training without the cost. We complete a full functional assessment on each person before they start this program. Our assessment determines if you need modifications, regressions or progressions throughout the sessions. Each trainer has your background and information to ensure a safe and effective workout, with individualized attention where it’s needed. Our classes never have more than 8 people, allowing us to focus on your form, proper function, and making changes where needed.

What’s included in SGT?

  • Full functional assessment every 3 months
  • Online nutrition coaching
  • Weekly weigh in’s and measurements
  • Weekly accountability
  • Weekly email with mobility, recipe ideas and motivation
  • Flexible scheduling through our Mindbody App
  • Make up classes if you need to cancel or reschedule
  • Online tracking through our app (goals, weights, measurements, weights) COMING 2019!

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