Belleville: 613-779-7799

Beginner/Intermediate Yoga
w/ Steph Corras

Our Beginner/Intermediate Yoga provides a strong focus on strengthening and lengthening your body while improving balance, flexibility and focus. These classes provide a  great opportunity to strengthen your body both mentally and physically while learning a variety of poses and improving your breathing to ensure your mind and body work together to become stronger. Improve your flexibility and allow your body to release tension and stress that can build up in your everyday life.

After 1 class you will feel more relaxed and mentally calmer, after a few weeks you will see improved strength, flexibility and mental relaxation and with continued practice you will find more balance in  your day to day life.

Monday & Wednesday: 7:30-8:30pm

Friday: 12:00-1:00pm

Drop in- $18
1x week for 6 weeks- $89

2x week for 6 weeks- $139

Drop ins available, please register prior to class.