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1x/week (6 sessions) = $89
2x/week (12 sessions) = $149
*All prices subject to HST

Build strength, body awareness and lengthen tight muscles during Core Yoga. Ease in to postures that bring awareness to your core. Bend, twist and breathe without all the zen.

When you hear yoga what are your initial thoughts? What would be your goals to gain from yoga? If it’s improved flexibility, mobility, strength, balance, and a clearer & more relaxed mind, than this class is for you. We are not a Yoga studio but we understand the importance of balance in one’s life and fitness routine and that is why we encourage this practice. Our classes are dynamic. Do you think you won’t sweat? You will. Do you think you won’t be able to let your mind “release”? You will. Do you think you won’t notice a difference? You will. It’s a practice, one that takes time, but if you commit, your body & mind will surpass your expectations and that is the point of yoga.

Learn the fundamental of yoga.  Our beginner class focuses on providing guidance on foundational poses & form.  We take time to break down postures, teach transition tips to suit your body.  Beginner yoga is geared to teach you how to unify breathing & movement, and building  balance and strength (both physically and mentally).

Utilize breathing techniques, increase strength and relieve tension through yoga postures that relax the mind. Step on your mat and create a space where you can connect and celebrate the life you are creating.  Utilizing traditional yoga postures and fundamentals of Core Confidence, learn how to find your inner strength and power as you transition through your pregnancy journey.  Suitable for all stages of your pregnancy.

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